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Windows 10 Features To Know

Windows 10 features

Windows 10 Features To Know

You may be finding yourself confused or maybe frustrated with some of the new Windows 10 features. But there is no need to worry, Tech80 is here to help you understand these new Windows 10 features a little better.


Below are a few tips that will help you better understand the new Windows 10 features.


1. The Start Menu

For you Windows 7 users, rest easy, because this will essentially be the same. For the Windows 8 users, the start menu is back with its full functionality – and then some. The aesthetics of the new start menu combine the basics of the start menu from Windows 7 with the sleek tiles that were a part of Windows 8. The customization of this helps you to access what you need much faster and boosts productivity. Open the Start Menu, click on Settings, Personalization, and then Start. Make the Start Menu work for you. Microsoft has created a helpful onboarding resource for this feature as well.


2. Microsoft Edge

Although this is the new web browser, do not worry – Internet Explorer 11 will be available by default in your upgrade. It is worth noting that many business applications remain untested with Microsoft Edge. If you find that Microsoft Edge is popping up as your default browser, this article will help you with that. Remember the super awesome Start menu we spoke about above!? Click in the search bar right next to it, and type “Default Programs.” Open that up, look for Internet Explorer on the left, and click on it. There will now be an option to click that states “Set this program as default.”


3. Search Enhancements

Find anything and everything on your PC. Seriously, by going to the bottom left of your screen, to the right of the Start Menu, type a term in that search box you wish to discover. If it doesn’t automatically populate, click on the “My Stuff” icon on the bottom of that pop-up window. Your machine will be scanned for files, applications, pictures – just about anything – containing any or all of the desired search term within that file name. Don’t catch yourself drilling down through menus trying to find something. Stop wasting your time digging and trying to find that one file you thought you’d never need again. Use this search function to help save your time!


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