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Enterprise Wireless

Introducing Powerful Enterprise Wireless

Up To 500 Devices Covered

The experts at Tech80 can provide you with amazing solutions that will rectify your wireless issues. Our proprietary hardware solution can handle up to 500 devices per access point opposed to only 12 devices on most consumer access points. The products we offer operate dual band antennas which provide the range and connectivity to ensure fast speeds anywhere within range. As well as optional guest logins so that your company’s guests will not have access to your entire network and you can remain secure while they are connected.

The Best Wi-fi Coverage

At Tech80 we are able to review the construction blueprints of your business to optimize the locations of your equipment and ensure your wireless access points (AP’s) are working efficiently and providing adequate coverage. With the help of Ruckus Wireless, we are able eliminate the slow speeds that people experience in high density areas and provide strong reliability with no dropped connections. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business stay connected!

Case Study: Tech80 To The Rescue

A client of ours was experiencing major issues with their wireless connection in their 6,300 square foot home. Current technology available to consumers forced the use of repeaters to extend the signal as desired which ultimately kept resulting in signal drops and poor reception.


The network configuration forced the use of a wireless router in the basement, a repeater in the kitchen as well as an access point with an antenna on the top floor. Our client continually suffered from incredibly slow speeds and if that wasn’t bad enough, the signal was constantly dropping and even losing packets. Simply put, personal and work life at home was being brought to a halt with the poor connectivity.


Thankfully, Tech80 was able to install our proprietary hardware solution which gave our client 6,500 square feet of wireless coverage with one single access point! With standard residential solutions on the market today, only 12 devices will work efficiently with a single access point. With our solution, they are able to enjoy up to 500 connected devices. Now our client not only gets blazing fast speeds for streaming, gaming, and business, but they can also enjoy BBQ parties by the backyard pool and stream as much music and videos they want without losing connections or speed.

Case Study: U.S. Wine Transport

U.S. Wine Transport is a Minnesota based company that ships millions of bottles of wine every year to distributors across the country. Their office in Napa Valley, CA became too small for operation so the company moved to a larger facility. Tech80 was able to configure the original network and they were our first 100% wireless office.  U.S. Wine Transport has several remote users that use private cloud computing to access their desktops and use Access data bases. They have not dropped a single connection in over a year.


Recently, U.S. Wine Transport moved their CA offices and Warehousing from Napa Valley to Sonoma. With Tech80’s wireless solutions they were able to move their entire network in a single day and save thousands of dollars because there was no need to wire a bunch of network cables.  The picture you see to the left that has the cables is the only footprint required in order to have an entirely wireless network including switches, for any sized office up to 120 employees.  The little white box on the wall is the wireless access point. This single access point covers the entire office and warehouse, even at the farthest ends of the building.