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Tech80 Provides Professional Computer Consulting To Deliver The Best Possible Solutions To Fit Your Organizational Needs

More and more businesses today are in need of proper guidance when considering their IT infrastructure. At Tech80 we take the time to properly analyze your business needs and discover what solutions may be appropriate to implement. Taking into consideration the rapidly evolving world of technology, we work tirelessly to ensure that your company is future-proof. In addition to helping you with your immediate needs, we are always looking ahead to make sure we keep your organization up-to-date with the latest trends and solutions in the industry.

Our professional computer consulting begins with a custom Tech80 IT Systems Security and Performance Assessment of your organizations current IT infrastructure. To start, a Tech80 team member will ask you a few basic questions regarding hardware, server room, CRM software, workstations, etc. We then run our custom program that does a thorough investigation of your entire network. This will tell us what problems may be out there (if any) and ways we are able to supplement your IT infrastructure. This includes an asset detail report of all computers, servers, and devices that are connected within the network as well as firewalls, switches, routers. Along with a site diagram report which is able to pin point each active machine within your business.

Our Network Health-Check Assessment May Be Used For Multiple Reasons:

Server/System Failures


3rd Party Validation and Documentation Of Current Network


Slow Performance Of Machines

You May Not Have Not Checked The Health Of Your Network For Years


Expansion Of Network

What We Are Doing To Deliver Our IT Solutions:

Provide Proper IT Resources And Planning


Take The Time To Educate Your Staff On Current And Future Technologies


Always Searching For New Ways To Optimize Performance And Equipment

Match Your Business Needs With Affordable Network Solutions


Choose The Best Products And Providers That Best Fit With Your Business


Establish Preventive And Proactive Services