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Tech80 is a professional IT services company that proudly serves the greater Twin Cities area. We take time to listen to customer wants, make the appropriate recommendations, and then deliver the best possible solutions.

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Dedicated and hardworking IT professionals focused on providing the best IT solutions possible for you and your company. At Tech80 we know the true value of a successful running computer network and what it can do for your business. We are passionate about helping others and providing the best service possible. Contact us today to find out more!


The most advanced and efficient IT services to date. Whether you are looking for a simple consultation of your business, or want a full on managed services provider. We have what you are looking for when it comes to technology and providing the best solutions for your business. Ask us today about our wireless and cloud solutions.


We discovered that great customer service was hard to come by in our industry, followed up by poor response times. Resulting in businesses being neglected and left out to dry. Throughout the years we have adapted, allowing us to respond quickly while resolving completely to provide great service for our customers. Contact us today to learn more about how Tech80 can help you and your business.






See What Others Are Saying About Our Efforts!

Our customers are very valuable to us, and it is nice to hear we are doing our job.

VP Business Development, Henricksen
Mark Eslinger

“Tech80 has always been there when I need them. Our server upgrades could not have gone better, and they really saved me when our provider decided to discontinue our CRM platform. I highly recommend Tech80 if you want a team that makes it happen.”

President, FRSecure LLC
Evan Francen

“I have known Aaron for almost 10 years now and I am entirely confident in recommending his work. Aaron and the Tech80 team have always demonstrated high integrity, expert knowledge, and valuable results. We will certainly recommend him and the entire Tech80 staff to our clients and colleagues in the future!”

Executive Director, ThreeSixty Journalism, University of St. Thomas
Chad Caruthers

“Aaron and his company, Tech80, have been handling ACES IT needs for the past several years. Recently, Tech80 installed a new server for ACES. ACES is a nonprofit, so Aaron spent significant time finding the best deal on the right piece of hardware. This was much appreciated. Subsequently, Aaron and his crew installed and debugged the new server, and got ACES up and running again in a timely matter. Things were done right the first time, which is very important to us. I highly recommend Aaron and Tech80.”

Co-Owner, RE Carlson
Lavonne Stickney

“We have been with Tech80 for over 8 years and they have never let us down. We have been very happy with their service. Recently we decided to get on the ‘Way Cool Stuff’ and I am very impressed when I get a phone call letting me know they have fixed an issue before we even knew there was something wrong. When Aaron or one of the team pays us a visit they are always cheerful and ready to help.”


Lets face it, as people, we don’t know what we simply don’t know. Therefore we speak in terms that everybody can understand, ask questions of others, and share when requested. Our success has come from truly and genuinely caring about our customers.

Always be helpful and giving without thinking of what you will get in return. We must continuously tend to the needs and wishes of our customers to ensure they are being taken care of.

Tech80 is always at the ready. We are tenaciously searching for the best solutions to provide our customers, quickly responding and solving issues as well as, maintaining strong and sincere loyalty to clients and staff.

When there is a will there is a way. Bend, push, pull, shrink, expand until it works and works right! We do not give up until there has been a solution. There is always a way!

Act like an owner. If there is a mistake made then simply apologize, correct it, and move forward. Do what you say you will and do what is needed, required, desired for the customer.


Making life easier by responding quickly, resolving completely, reviewing constantly, and creating for the client the most invisible networks possible. It just works.


Get Your Business IT Needs Resolved Today With Professionals Who Care About You And Your Company!

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